Chart of Active citizenship competencies in reception education

Attention: the chart is only available in Dutch. The guideline for the chart can be dowloaded in English.

The chart of Active citizenship competencies in reception education was developed in cooperation with Wablieft, Centre for Clear Language, for pupils and teachers in reception education. The version you will find here is a prototype.

With this chart, we aim to:

  • give students in reception education a tool to:
    • raise awareness of what citizenship competencies can mean.
    • identify their own strengths in citizenship competences on the basis of previous experiences in both formal and informal contexts.
    • to map out growth in citizenship competences.
  • supporting OKAN teams to:
    • supporting young people in reception education in the development of citizenship competencies through a competency-orientated and emancipatory approach.
    • to collect 360° feedback on the growth in citizenship competences.

Remark: the QR codes on the competence chart are still inactive. The codes will be activated by the end of January 2020.

Do you want to know how to use the fan in the classroom? Download the manual and the competency chart on the right!

Do you want a paper version of the range of Active citizenship competencies? Contact us via the contact page.


Mapping out the growth of citizenship competences

Attention: the Evoluator stars are onlu available in Dutch.

In order to encourage pupils to reflect on civic competences, we added an evolutionary star at the end of the range for each main competence.

The evoluator stars, were developed on the basis of the evolvuator in the methodology ‘Missing Link’, which was designed in a collaboration between Arktos, the HIVA-KU Leuven and Wonen en Werken vzw. In the inspiration guide you can find background information about the ‘Missing Link’ and the use of the evoluator under the section ‘Pedagogical-didactical tools’. Below you can also download the evoluator stars separately.

Evoluator communication
evoluator philosophizing
evoluator sustainable coexistence
evoluator work-oriented competencies