Inspiration box set up

Attention: almost all the resources in the inspiration box are in Dutch.

This inspiration box contains all kinds of sources (literature, lessons, toolboxes, methodologies, inspiring partners, professionalization initiatives,…) that can inspire teachers in reception education to work with the Active Citizenship learning path in reception education. The inspiration box follows the structure of the learning path and contains 5 parts: communication, philosophising, sustainable living together, labour market-oriented competencies and a general pedagogical-didactical part.

The inspiration box came about thanks to the input of various partner organisations, the pedagogical support service of GO!, teachers in reception education and many other interesting people we met during the design of the learning path. Active citizenship, just like this inspiration box, is dynamic and never finished. Do you have interesting material to add or comments? We love to hear it! Contact us via the contact page on this website or send an email to

Be inspired and feel free to inspire us in turn!

Remark: at the moment this inspiration box is still under construction. There are many sources in the queue to be added. We will be working on this until the end of January 2020. Please wait…

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