Arbeidsgerichte competenties

Work-oriented competencies are a collection of competencies that strengthen OKAN pupils in competencies that enable them to find their way in the economic environment.

In addition, we want to make the employment-oriented competences broader and link them to educational career learning. To this end, we use the GO vision on educational career guidance for secondary education. Young people in secondary education and therefore also OKAN pupils need to develop competencies that enable them to get to know themselves better, their qualities and motives (self-concept clarification), to broaden their environment and view of the future (horizon broadening) and to make informed and challenging choices (ability to make choices).

(Elderly) OKAN youngsters who are already focusing on vocational training or the labour market can be supported in developing career learning. We base ourselves on the career competences that Marinka Kuijpers describes.

In order to support young people in (educational) career learning, the facilitation of activities in which they can gain experience in order to get to know themselves better is of great importance. Teaching activities or projects in the context of active citizenship, whether in the classroom, at school or abroad, can provide an impetus here. In addition, guiding young people in (learning) reflection is crucial. Qualitative reflection leads to insight into one’s own qualities, motives and concrete, challenging action points about one’s own educational career or orientation towards the labour market in the short and longer term.