Inspiration day ‘Active citizenship in OKAN’

On 6 November 2019 the pedagogical services of the GO! organised an inspiration day ‘Active Citizenship in OKAN’ for OKAN teachers, coordinators and follow-up coaches. During this day, the learning path, the website and the supporting tools to get started with the learning path were presented. All attendees participated in three workshops that gave inspiration to design lessons that focus on both competences from the learning path and on language development.

The PowerPoint presentation (in Dutch) with underlying information about the learning path can be found here.

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Active citizenship is at the heart of the GO! This has been evident for years in our GO schools. Many schools organise activities, projects and series of lessons in the context of Active Citizenship and several secondary schools have already set up an ‘Active Citizenship’ course.

However, coaching pupils in citizenship competences from a competence framework is still relatively new in the Flemish educational landscape. In 2018, the GO! developed the Active Citizenship Learning Line for secondary education. The key competence ‘citizenship competences, including those relating to living together’ in the new Flemish attainment goals for secondary education, which entered into force on 1 September 2019, accelerated all this.

The GO!’s pedagogical support service has developed a citizenship education offer to professionalise secondary school teachers in order to set up educational activities that focus on citizenship competences among pupils. Integrating active citizenship into reception education requires, on the one hand, the same competences from teachers, but on the other hand, a specific approach, integrated in the context of reception education. In addition to our own training in active citizenship, there are many partner organisations that offer training courses, workshops and professionalisation courses in citizenship. Some examples can be found in the inspiration box. In order to meet the demand to work on the Active Citizenship learning path within reception education, the pedagogical support service of the GO! is currently exploring the possibilities further.

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